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Tile Name Description
Good first day.jpg "Good first day." Completed Day 1
Back to work.jpg "Back to work." Completed Day 2
Someones out here.jpg "Someone's out here." Completed Day 76
Burn the place down.jpg "Burn the place down." Completed Day 77
Firewatch achievement.jpg Firewatch Completed Day 79
Bee Plot.jpg Bee Plot Got stung by a bee. It happens.
Love Turts.jpg Love Turts Adopted a turtle as a pet. The average lifespan of a box turtle is fifty years. It will outlive you.
Shutter Bug.jpg Shutter Bug Filled a disposable camera with photos.
The Life and Times of Raccoon Carter.jpg The Life and Times of Raccoon Carter Got attacked by a raccoon; probably didn't get rabies.
Ol Shoshone achievement.jpg Ol' Shoshone Listened to the tape of "Ol' Shoshone." Cavorted among the aspens.