Day Two

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Day Two is a part of the story in Firewatch.

Guide[edit | edit source]

Reply to Delilah, and she'll tell you that the phone lines have been knocked out by the storm. Survey the communications lines North of the canyon by heading directly North. Report the blown over tree on the way out. Drop down the rockface, and continue on the path. Delilah will talk to you, and you can hear her have a conversation on the side. If you talk to her about the conversation, Delilah will step away, and she'll be unavailable. Continue down the path. In the cache on the rock overlooking the area (the password is the same as other cache stations, 1-2-3-4), you can find an updated map, a letter from Ron, and a board that is hiding a book called Six Feet Down Under. You can find a turtle on the rock by the supply cache, which can be adopted.

In the old outhouse, you can find an old notepad with the song Ol' Shoshone. On the rock path, you'll find some empty beer cans. Follow the utility line and beer cans to get to the top of the hill where a communication line is loose. On the rock, you'll see a pair of pants that say "Go To Hell". When you examine the wire, it appears like the communication line has been cut. Start looking for the teens. Follow the trail of trash. You'll come across an old, abandoned backpack from a "Brian Goodwin". Inside, you'll find an old disposable camera and some rope.

Eventually, you'll come across a thin plume of smoke, suggesting a campfire. Hike towards Five Mile Creek, trying to keep the smoke to your relative North. You'll eventually get down by the creek and find a few cases of beer and some magazines. You'll find a shredded tent, with torn clothes and such strewn about. Take a picture of it with the camera on Delilah's urging. There's a note on the tent. Read it - it will tell you that the teens destroyed the tent, and are going to call the police to rat you out and set you up.

The title card for Day 3 will pop up.

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