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Delilah June A. is a character in Firewatch.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Delilah is Henry's supervisor. When she hired Henry, she admits that she was drunk, and during the course of their conversation, she revealed too much about her sex life. She is extremely fond of crossword puzzles, and states that she does "a lot" of them. She keeps in constant contact with Henry from her position at the Thorofare Lookout.

Later when Henry comes across Ned's clipboard of their conversations, we learn that she confessed her brother's name was Alex Bischoff.

Delilah's backstory is mysterious and limited information is revealed throughout the storyline. However one of the developers shared information and concepts regarding Delilah, saying that Delilah was a spy for the NSA and was searching for potential candidates for the "Fire" experiment. The developer also shared how she was an enthusiastic bird watcher. In addition to this, they also mentioned that she was slightly attracted to the character Liam Roberts who played a small role towards the end of the game.