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A list of the locations seen or mentioned in Firewatch.

Colorado[edit | edit source]

Boulder, Colorado[edit | edit source]

Boulder, Colorado is the hometown of Henry M. and home to CU Boulder, where Julia majored, and the Boulder Apartment Building. It is the setting of the intro to Firewatch.

Boulder Apartment Building[edit | edit source]

The Boulder Apartment Building is an apartment complex in Boulder. It was the residence of Henry and his wife Julia, with the two moving into an apartment together after dating for a year. They later adopted a dog named Bucket or Mayhem, showing that the apartment building is pet-friendly.

Wyoming[edit | edit source]

Shoshone National Forest[edit | edit source]

The Shoshone National Forest, specifically the Two Forks Sector, is the main location of Firewatch. There are a number of unique locations within the area to explore which may contain their own secrets to discover or play a bigger role in the story.

Major Locations[edit | edit source]

Minor Locations[edit | edit source]

Other Locations[edit | edit source]