Ned Goodwin's Bunker

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The Ned Goodwin's Bunker is an important area in Firewatch.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Ned Goodwin's Bunker is a location in west-central Two Forks. It is found on a hill overlooking the lake trail, and is only accessible late in the story.

Inside the bunker several different items can be seen, Most likely collected by Ned Goodwin throughout his time living within the Two Forks area.

At the entrance of the bunker on the left is a makeshift bed. Above which a copy of Wizards and Wyverns can be found along with a father's day card and a picture of Brian Goodwin.

Several makeshift workbenches and desks can be seen each holding a variety of items.

  • The first contains dishes and an old propane camp stove.
  • The second holds an old typewriter and several logs and reports typed by Ned.
  • The third table contains several tools and components of electric devices (Including the boom box from the encounter with the girls at the lake.)

Next to the third table a box can be seen containing the old batteries salvaged from the old snowmobiles used to power and charge the many electrical instruments used by Ned.

Finally at the end of the bunker a lawn chair and cooler can be found. A radio receiver that was used by Ned to monitor Henry and Delilah's radio communications is found here. there are also several hardcover books , and radio logs written by Ned.

Both Thoroughfare and Two Forks towers can be seen from the opening at the end of the cave.

It is likely that all of this was destroyed by the massive wildfire that eventually consumed Two Forks and the surrounding regions.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • It is likely that Ned stumbled across the Bunker while traveling through Two-Fork and constructed most if not all of what was inside seeing as even the door is made of salvaged signs and boards.
  • The checklist found within the bunker details a list of supplies and things to do Ned needed to prepare for winter.

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